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Other Modalities

These are some of the modalities that may be used in a Healing Session at ROHA Holistic Health.

Drawing on Inner WisdomOracle Cards can help provide clarity, activations and transmissions of who you truly are, and what your soul is calling  you to do. Work Your Light Oracle is flooded with cosmic sacred images of the heavens and earth, and each card is a portal to help you reconnect with your soul and work your light. The Starseed Oracle can help you to unlock your soul gifts, connect with your cosmic origins, and remember who you truly are.


Sri YantraSacred Space is the concept of setting aside a space where you can go for meditation and healing. It can be used as a place for setting  the energy and intent for a Healing Session.


Golden Temple Incense contains natural resins and woods that are heated to release aromas that can “enhance the joy of living”.


musical rapture cover cdMusic  works in harmony with other healing modalities and treatments. It soothes and comforts the body mind and spirit, so that natural healing ability is enhanced. ROHA often uses music by Frederic Delarue, Thaddeus and Spirit Magicka.


Crystal BowlCrystal Bowls are spun quartz singing bowls that can help with Healing, to enhance Relaxation, develop Awareness, and connect with the Oneness of All that Is.


Reflexology points on the feet are a mirror image of the organs, glands and part of the body. And working on these reflexes can help balance the energy in the body. Reflexology can also be used to help with stress-related disorders.


Chakra tuning forks weightedChakra Tuning Forks emit pure sounds, which are tuned to the Chakras (energy centres). They help to create a resonance throughout the body, mind and emotions. They can be held on the chakras, or over them. Weighted tuning forks vibrate more forcefully, enhancing their effect on the physical body.


Nest drumNest Drum is a handmade steel tongue drum from Lithuania. “The harmony which has a purpose to heal and spread the calmness to the ones who are missing it. I hope you will find the instrument which resonates with your body and mind.” Mikalojus Smulskis


Rebirthing Coffs HarbourRebirthing works with breath – the essence of life that flows through all existence. It is a circular breathing technique which is used to help to manage and integrate painful experiences (as in labour).


pure quartzCrystals and semiprecious stones are often used to help with healing. They can be placed on the chakras, on the body, around the body, or in a grid formation.


Invocations can be used to ask for aid, protection and inspiration, and to put out intentions for your future path.


Healing Sessions

Rose will discuss with you your concerns, and your reasons for coming for the Healing Session. (Although to some extent the session will develop according to what comes up for you at the time.)

You may want to choose a card from the Drawing on Inner Wisdom deck to focus your intent.

For the session you will lie covered on a massage bed.

There is usually a time of quietness at the start, with music and sounds from crystal bowls.

Often the feet will be held, and specific reflexology points massaged.

Tuning forks may be placed on the chakras (energy centres) to help bring balance. The Nest Drum can help to incorporate changes in energy.

If you have an emotional release, then you can use the simple breathing technique of Rebirthing to help move through that.

Any or all of these modalities may be used at different times. But you will always know what is going on in the session, and you will remain in control of what is happening for you.

Sessions usually last 60 to 90 minutes, and the cost is $135.

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